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Strange Bed Fellows!

Just a quick little story as in the many things I draw up it actually has some real life experience. No I did not try to mate a giraffe and a pig! However in my youth I was very fond of a very long legged Cheerleader and I myself was quite short. She never paid much attention to me in high school but later in life we became quite good friends! If I was out in the clubs and ran into her I would always try and worm my way into a slow dance and then bury my face in her chest all while getting the top of my head slapped repeatedly! But secretly I know she loved it! I would often tease her about how she should really try making it with a short guy at least once,... but with no avail! We still see each other on occasion, more often on Facebook, and she is well aware my long legged character is about her (and I guess that makes me the pig)! Here's another one for you Karla!

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